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Doctors and Nursing Staff for Hospitals and Family Practices
Evergo Locum Agency has an extensive network of health professionals registered for both locuming and permanent work. Our locums are ready to go 每 and we organise everything for you: including contracts, travel and accommodation arrangements.
Our network and system ensure we find the right health professionals to meet your needs. Evergo's efficient, professional recruitment service makes sourcing the best health professionals easy and hassle-free. We*ll ensure that your locum fits your needs. We assess the skills and experience of our locum and match them to the most suitable opportunities. This ensures the locum you get is the very best fit for your organisation.

Evergo Locum Agency 每 Doctors
Evergo Medical Locum can find all levels of doctors 每 from juniors through to GPs and specialists. Our professional consultants ensure all regulatory requirements are met and ensure a smooth running process each step of the way.

Evergo Locum Agency 每 Nursing Staff
Evergo Nursing Agency can provide you with nursing assistants, enrolled nurses, registered nurses, midwives or nurse practitioners for nursing placements throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Experience and Expertise in Medical Locum Placement
Recruiting overseas health professionals into positions in Australia and New Zealand demands specialist expertise. Our recruiters have considerable experience 每 gained over many years 每 in assessing and grading credentials. We have established demanding criteria that generally exceeds those of the hospitals and health organisations for which we recruit. This expertise includes specialist recognition, immigration and registration of our targeted health professionals in all Australian states and in New Zealand. We regularly monitor the changes taking place in health services to make sure you have the greatest confidence in our systems, criteria and our people.

Family Practice
Talk to us about your staffing needs 每whether it's for today, or next month 每 and let us fill the gaps in your practice calendar. From our wide network, we can find quality locums that are the best fit for your practice.

Planning Your Practice's Staffing Needs
There's no time like the present to plan ahead and ensure your practice's staffing levels remain consistent. With over 11 years* experience in medical recruitment and placement, a substantial database of qualified professionals and the highest quality service, Evergo Locum Agency provides you with a specialised, proven medical locum service.

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