AMC Clinical and PESCI Preparation

 High Intensity AMC Clinic Course

Our 3 days intensity clinical bridging courses help participants to prepare for the AMC Clinical Exam. Our lecturer teaches clinical courses at the RACGP. The course includes lectures and role-play tutorials, and also helps you develop the communication skills you'll need for clinical practice. You will be provided with tutorials in a range of clinical topics, including:
• Medicine
• Surgery
• Obstetrics & Gynaecology
• Paediatrics
• Psychiatry
• Medico-legal

AMC Clinical Course Now Goes Online/ Live

By popular demand, Evergo has decided to launch a series of AMC Clinic C LIVE! AMC candidates can now choose to go on online/virtual meeting lessons. AMC online course features audio, video and text chat. Whether you are a parent or a busy professional, you can study anywhere with internet access. Our courses have been developed by medical educators with AMC examiner experience, and some of our lecturers are themselves overseas-trained doctors.

 A 2 -Day PESCI Course

Who is the tutor
• Tutor of PESCI at FRACGP
• Medical Practitioner with 7+ years experiences
• General Practitioner (GP) Examiner
• Supervisor of a GP Training program
• GP Exam Course Writer
• Fellowship of FRACGP


Dr Abeera Sivapalasingam on  3 Mar 2015
Hi Shelly,
Thank you for the documents.I passed my exam.

Dr Karanapalan on 26 Jan 2015
Dear Shelly,
I attended the January course.
My feedback:
1. Cases are very relevant for the latest exams.
2. The tutors' different approaches gave more practical help in studying for the exam.
3. The short structure of the course was very convenient for participants like me who are working & from remote regions.
Please send me a certificate of attendance.
I would like to know whether the cases are going to be same or different in the March course.
P Karunapalan (karu)

Dr Sergei 21 Jan 2015
The course was very helpful. It was good especially to experience how we should go about answering the questions. Both tutors were good and complement each other with different styles of teaching. If I were to make a suggestion it would be to have some more physical exam demos. The course is very reasonably priced as well compared to the other courses out there. Now hopefully I pass the exams. Hehe.

22 Jan 2015
My Full name is Farhan Ul Haque
The course was very helpful to me as I had lost touch with
the adult medicine .The staff guided us nicely.
I hope I will clear my exams.

Dr Martin Nikolov on  6 Feb 2015
Quality and relevance of cases were very good
The tutors were excellent, experienced in AMC clinical
I was happy with the efficiency of the course, there were minor time restrains but this is understandable when many people with particular questions are involved. Best feature: Keep it short and inexpensive
I had a very positive experience from the course. It's short and concise, skilfully presented and would recommend it to anyone who is preparing for AMC Clinical.
Many thanks.
Martin Nikolov

Dr Wei Zhao on 5 Nov 2014
The 3-day Intensive Course is really valuable in guiding me prepare and pass my AMC clinical exam.  Thank you very much for your support.
Best Regards,
Wei Zhao

Dr Shahajahan Maula Kadage on 8 Oct 2014
I passed my AMC Clinical examination.
Thanks to team Evergo.

Dr Ayaz Ghani on 25 Sep 2014
I attended the 3 day course organised by Evergo in Auburn. It's really worthwhile, particularly if attended just before the exams.
Although due to the number of people attending, one tends to get less turns for individual practice but you learn a lot by observing others while performing & by the feedback from the teacher at the same time.
Tutor was good & able to correct mistakes, so everybody learns what to say and what not.
Though the time is short but the overall structure of course is reasonable.
It helped me in assessing my own self, learned to test self in front of other people, and to counter anxiety.
I would recommend it for sure to candidates who are about to appear soon.

Dr Shahajahan Maula Kadage on 25 Sep 2014
I found Evergo course very helpful. It helped me a lot in preparing for AMC Clinical Exam. The course structure is very nice. In three days they covered a lot of topics. They gave us overall idea of how AMC Clinical exam is and how to prepare for it. The quality of teaching was very helpful and faculty was very nice. I will recommend this course to my friends as a must to do before starting AMC Clinical preparations.

Martin Nikolov on 30 June 2014
I'm interested in taking part in your three day course in July having been previously a student in your course in May.

Dr Keerthy
I found the course useful. I passed my clinical exam and also availed a job!

Thank you for your help.

Viraj Liyanage
Dear Dr. Cai, I'm really happy to let you know that I got through from the AMC Part II. I got the results yesterday. Thank you very much for the advices that you gave me during your sessions. Since I didn't have much time and I had a lot to get improved in myself, I didn't participate in your classes after few sessions and I did practised myself in communication skills specially. Finally I achieved my target with lot of effort during the last 2 weeks. Thank you very much for your kind advices again.

Sandra Leclair
Hi Evergo Team
Just wanted to tell you that I have passed the AMCQ CAT examination thanks to you and your support.
Thank you again to all the Evergo team

My name is Adolfo Vazquez. I took the evergo online course for AMC MCQ examination last year, and sat the test on february this year. I found it very helpful and I passed the exam.

Dear Shelly,
I thank you for your prompt replies. I also thank Dr. Matts for clearing some of my doubts.
I will still use the site to prepare for clinical exams until the expiry date.
Is there any reward for getting the exam in 1st attempt through your on-line course?
God bless.

Hi Shelly,
Thank you for your help I passed the MCQ at first attempt. Do you have any courses available for the clinical exam ?

Sandra Leclair
I passed my NZREX , so very happy and I wanted to thank you very much for your help once again! it was really useful

Hi Shelly,
I found the course extremely useful in preparation towards the exam. The tutor was thorough and enthusiastic enough to cover a broad range of topics/discussion stemming from each case. I appreciate the tutor being on time and she was willing to clock in some extra time on day 1 when technological difficulties caused some disruption to the connectivity. I think the quality and standard of case scenarios provided meets the AMC standard. Finally I highly value the tips provided at the end of each session by the tutor.
Dr. Thazhissery Anjana Chandran

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